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We Do Rust Control and Rust Proofing in Sudbury

For rust control and rust proofing in Sudbury, visit Superior Auto Collision. 

We have two locations to serve you better:

2397 Lasalle Blvd., Sudbury

739 Regent Street South, Sudbury

Krown rust

Repairing rust damage is expensive. An annual treatment at Krown pays for itself by preventing or reducing the amount of rust damage on your vehicle over its lifespan. By using Krown, rust is unable to rot though your vehicle's important structure and body panels, preventing an expensive repair at the body shop.

While protecting the body and structure of your vehicle, the Krown rust protection product is also protecting the electrical system throughout the vehicle. Krown keeps electrical connections from corroding, further lengthening the life of the vehicle, and reducing the common and expensive repairs related to vehicle wiring.

Today, vehicle safety is at its highest standard in history. Over time, rust can weaken important structural elements, compromising your vehicle's structural integrity and therefore its safety. Krown's technicians are trained to access important structural areas like frame rails, door pillars, and of course the thousands of spot welds that hold your vehicle together. This thorough application process is necessary to protect your vehicle's safety, and sets Krown apart from any other rust protection on the market.

A sure sign of an aging vehicle is visible rust. Krown's annual rust protection not only helps to maintain vehicle safety, but also helps your vehicle look like new for longer. Whether your vehicle is new or used, a Krown application will keep the body of the vehicle in great shape, giving vehicle owners the flexibility to keep the vehicle longer or sell it at maximum value.

The Krown product is environmentally friendly, containing no solvents or toxins; Krown does not contaminate soil, harm our waters and lakes or poison our wildlife. As important as the quality of the product being used is, the application and delivery method is also an essential part of the process. Krown is applied to your vehicle with a special tool that mists the product, allowing it to reach every seam and crevice of the inner panels and under side of the vehicle.

We care more about people than the vehicles they drive. We radiate integrity in everything we do. Customer satisfaction is more important than profit. Krown is driven to help our customers save money, provide them with the best products, warranty and service in our industry. Krown is also committed to continue developing environmentally-friendly products that help improve the communities we live in.

Canada's #1 rust protection for over 25 years for a reason.

Free Estimates

We provide a free diagnosis on the state of your vehicle.

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