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Visit Us For Automobile Body Repairs in Sudbury

If your vehicle has been in an accident recently and you’re seeking automobile body repairs in Sudbury, come visit us. Our facility comes complete with state-of-the-art equipment such as a Blowtherm paint booth, prep station, and mixing room. Sikkens brand waterborne paint provides an environmentally conscious, precise paint match every time.

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Our list of services includes:

Accident repairs
Insurance claims
Auto body work Blowtherm paint booth, prep station, and mixing room
Sikkens brand waterborne paint

Sikkens is a waterborne basecoat that provides excellent coverage, metallic control, and sprayability when duplicating OEM solid, metallic, and pearl effect colours. It’s the superior choice to achieve an optimum colour match.

Superior Auto is a certified aluminum repair shop. We’re also environmentally conscious and try to use green products whenever possible. We also guarantee a precise paint match every time.

Auto body repair services we offer include:

Body repair to all makes and models
Vehicle painting
Accident repairs
Insurance claims
Aluminum body repairs

We’ll also repair and replace glass if resulted from an accident:

Windshield replacement
Windshield chip repair
Moon roof/sun roof replacement

Additionally, if we’ve fixed your vehicle from a collision, we’ll conduct an auto maintenance check as part of the repair:

Oil, lube, and filters
Fluid check and top ups
Front and all wheel alignments
Tire rotation and balancing

If you’re vehicle has been in an accident recently, don’t delay and contact us today.

Free Estimates

We provide a free diagnosis on the state of your vehicle.

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