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Cleaning Products from Krown

Krown Cleaning Products 5 pack

Bio Kleen
Bio Kleen uses a live oil-digesting bacteria to remove oil-based soils and stains. Unlike many harsh cleaners, Bio Kleen is gentle on the environment and biodegradeable

Salt Eliminator

A very unique, equipment-saving, protection product that makes the difficult, yet vital, task of salt removal easy. This proprietary formulation not only dissolves salt much more quickly, but also breaks the bond between chloride and metal while preventing the reforming of these salts after cleaning is complete.

Power Kleen

Formulated for tough jobs, this concentrated product successfully straddles the line between a cleaner/degreaser and a heavy duty vehicle/equipment wash. With its 21 ingredients, it pleasantly surprises every time, quickly dissolving and emulsifying heavy grease, diesel soot, insects, and many other soils.

Krown Wash

Krown Wash can be used in various methods of vehicle washing – through foam guns, foam arches, high pressure wands, and tunnel washes. This versatile soap is an essential ingredient in effective vehicle maintenance and for your day-to-day car washing. Formulated for tough jobs, this concentrated product quickly dissolves and emulsifies heavy grease, carbon deposits, insects, and many other soils. With it’s unique, environmentally-friendly surfactant system.


This multi-purpose dressing is not just about appearance – it gives excellent protection to plastic, rubber, and vinyl. While it is the best dressing to use on rubber moldings and on the dash, it can also be used on tires, and in the engine compartment. Does not leave an evaporation film on windshields. Medium gloss.


Protecting your investment also means protecting your fabric. Barricade forms an invisible barrier on every fiber of material – whether carpet or upholstery. It levels and spreads completely and evenly, making it easy to apply by spraying it on the surface. Protects from oil, grease & water-based spills, including ice cream, coffee, tea, and juice. Does not affect the color or texture of the fabric/carpet.

Enviro Solve

A powerful, yet environmentally-friendly cleaning solvent made from citrus peel, Enviro Sol has many uses. Some of these are asphalt and tar removal (from painted surfaces as well as carpet and fabric), sticker removal, gum removal, and dissolving of very greasy soils.

Perfect Glass

The perfect glass cleaner for the transportation industry. Vastly different than a regular glass cleaner, Perfect Glass is effective at cleaning the various soils in the transportation industry. From exhaust fumes and other oily films on exterior glass to cigarette smoke on the interior glass – this non-ammoniated formulation can handle the job. Safe on tinted glass. Non-streaking. Anti-fog.

Wash N’ Wax

A high-sudsing, lubricating vehicle wash and wax, Wash ‘N’ Wax is an environmentally friendly, easy-to-use, bubble-gum scented product. Without the use of harsh chemicals, Wash 'N' Wax leaves behind a clean, shiny finish. Wash 'N' Wax is designed as a low viscosity product so that it can be used in bucket washing applications as well as in foam guns and vehicle wash systems.

Quick Shine

This solvent-based tire dressing has excellent adhesion and fast drying time as its main features. Its high silicone content also gives it a longer than average shine. Excellent streak-free spreadability is another characteristic of this formula. Effective on the broadest range of tires.

Ultra Klean

Perhaps the most powerful, concentrated, water-based cleaner/degreaser on the market, Triple Kleen can pick up where other cleaner/degreasers leave off. From low dilution, where it can handle the heaviest oil deposits, to medium dilution where it is still impressive as a heavy duty cleaner/degreaser, to high dilution where the product uses are endless, Ultra Kleen will outperform every time.

Heavy Duty Equipment Wash

Designed especially for touchless washes, Heavy Duty Equipment Wash is an even more powerful car and truckwash product than it will remove soils, including road film, and works well in hard or soft water. The easy rinsing quality of this product is one of its main features. Can be used under various pressures – from a high-pressure wand to a low pressure presoak. Pleasant bubblegum fragrance.

Bio Odor

Bio Odor uses a unique, natural way to kill organic-based odours using non-pathogenic bacteria. Once the odor source has been neutralized, Bio Odor leaves behind a pleasant, fresh fragrance.

Aluma Brite

A heavy-duty, fast acting, foaming aluminum trailer, fuel tank, wheel brightener/cleaner. Quickly removes oxidation along with other soils including diesel soot and road film. Will not leave streaks or white residue when used as directed. CAUTION: Contains hydrofluoric acid. Ensure safety procedures are followed.

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